By way of summary, we will describe some of the fundamental characteristics that constitute and identify Family Medicine:

The longitudinal doctor-patient relationship model that is established with individuals and their family leads to a modality of care in which the contact between the patient and his doctor is not only limited to the situation of illness (i.e., to see the doctor it is not necessary to be sick) which allows access to prevention and healthy living strategies.
The mutual knowledge that is built up over time between the patient and the doctor generates a bond of trust and respect that constitutes one of the most powerful diagnostic and therapeutic tools used by Family Medicine. The possibility of following a patient for many years makes it possible to know their preferences, values, beliefs and individual characteristics as well as the family dynamics and their social context, with information that facilitates their care in the face of different health problems.
The ability to assist individuals and families in the different ages of life (childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood, old age) makes it possible to integrate family dynamics and context and thus work in the different life crises, which will normally occur throughout life.
Because it is a specialty that crosses medicine in a transversal way, the family physician is prepared to work in a team and coordinate the health care of his patients, taking into account the competences and responsibilities of other health professionals (specialist physicians, nurses, kinesiologists, nutritionists).
The family physician is trained to provide a broad, comprehensive and integrative listening to the physical and emotional levels.
Respect for patient autonomy and the principle of “do no harm”.

Our practice provides comprehensive medical care for the whole family, with over 13 years of experience in the largest health care provider in the country.

We treat children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. We are trained in the various fields of medicine. Importantly, we try to prevent disease, helping you restore balance to your lives.

Our family practice can take care of 85% of your medical needs, coordinating with selected specialists for the other 15%.

Our goal is to care for the person and their environment for their full development.

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