Understand how the shape of your body explains your mind.

It is possible to understand each person just by analyzing the shape of the body. It is something so deep that has been generated during neurodevelopment and that is engraved in the body structure: muscles, bones, face shape, eyes, etc. This knowledge is based on the Austrian psychoanalyst and scientist named William Wright, who was a contemporary of Freud, who has been a reference for many studies and researches from which tools have been developed to accurately identify each character trait through a thorough body analysis.
Knowing your traits is essential to know your potential and the environments that favor you to develop.
Find the stimulus you need to conquer the life you always wanted. The shape of your body explains your mind and reveals everything about you. It is possible to understand all people just by analyzing the shape of the body. There are five different character traits:
  • Schizoid character trait: extremely rational, imaginative and creative people.
  • Oral character trait: sensitive people, who cry easily, intense, with mood swings.
  • Psychopathic Character Trait: people who are manipulative, articulate, negotiators, innate leaders.
  • Masochistic Character Trait: extremely methodical and detail-oriented people.
  • Rigid Character Trait: extremely competitive people, executors and those who love challenges.
We highlight the contribution of this tool at a personal, family, social and work level. Body analysis is a tool that companies use to build their teams and to optimize their results.
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